Illinois Taekwondo - Event

03/18/17 - SPARRING Training 2nd of 4 Coach Rusev of Revolution TKD

SPARRING Training 2nd of 4
Facilitated by Coach Krasimir Rusev of Revolution Taekwondo

ITSO Headquarters: ABBC TKD 704 Oak Creek Drive in Lombard

Please bring a water bottle and wear white uniform pants with your ITSO t-shirt! Please no team t-shirts or jackets; ONE TEAM = ILLINOIS

Grassroots Level: noon-2:30pm

World Class Black Belt Level: 3pm-5:30pm

This training is INCLUDED at no charge to ITSO Members with the $70 "Added Training Package"

There is a $20/Training session fee at the door for ITSO Members with the $25 Basic Membership!

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