Family Martial Arts

Master Sung Ho Kim is the Founder, Owner and Head Master of Family Martial Arts. Master Kim has a very unique and effective method of working with both children and adults. He is compassionate yet demanding in the classroom. He respects every individual and their respective talents. Master Kim emphasizes self-improvement through consistent application of the tenets of Tae Kwon Do, which he lives by example. He has trained students who have competed successfully on the local, regional and national levels. He also blends the children’s Tae Kwon Do program with their scholastic efforts to ensure balanced student development.

FMA Mission Statement:
To listen, understand and address the wants and needs of our students and families
To continually educate, train and update our staff in communication and instruction to maintain our commitment to excellence
To educate and train our students and families so that they are empowered to protect themselves and maintain optimal health
To maintain an environment that gives each individual the opportunity to pursue and achieve a greater level of personal growth and success