AKYI Martial Arts

One trial class and you will see that proper Taekwondo technique is an integral part of our curriculum. Our Master and Instructors are constantly attending trainings to ensure all teachings are in current standings with Kukkiwon and WTF.

At AKYI Martial Arts we teach and follow WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) rules and guidelines. The WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) is the only Taekwondo Federation recognized by the South Korean government and the IOC (International Olympic Committee). Any student who is certified through Kukkiwon is recognized anywhere in the world as a Black Belt. At AKYI Martial Arts, we only certify our students through the highest standards of Kukkiwon (WTF)

Taekwondo class is a workout, not only physically but mentally. Taekwondo is the only Martial Art Olympic sport and how you train is how you perform. We train our students to be mentally strong. This develops confidence and develops a “Never Give Up” attitude that carries with a student forever.

At AKYI, we believe honesty is the best policy; therefore we do not play games with our prices. We do not believe in hidden fee’s like other schools. We offer quality instruction at affordable prices.

Physical Benefits:
- Lose Weight
- Increase Stamina
- Improve Fitness
- Improve Body Coordination
- Improve Hand Eye Coordination
- Increase Flexibility

Mental Benefits:
- Improve Concentration
- Reduce Stress
- Gain Positive Attitude
- Develop Self Discipline
- Respect For Self & Others

Personal Benefits:
- Learn Self Defense
- Gain Self Confidence
- Increase Self Esteem
- Learn Self Control
- Goal Setting